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    "Group projects are part of my courses because I want to encourage social learning, and I have my students use Academiacs to collaborate. I find the social engagement that occurs through Academiacs makes my students enjoy the course more and learn more."

    --Roberto Figueroa, Asst Professor

    It's FREE

    Academiacs adds significant features to your infrastructure without adding to your cost.

    Distance learners require unique support to stay motivated and succeed. You have already spent money on your LMS, student portal and maybe special tutoring solution. You know that these services are not enough to replace the services and social learning opportunities campus students are given. Acacemiacs is a social learning network, a class organization framework, online collaboration tools, tutoring and knowledge base.

    Easy to implement

    Academiacs is easy to integrate into your existing systems to provide a seamless experience for your students.

    Academiacs is an extension to your current LMS or MOOC platform or student portal. Within a few weeks, we can customize the experience for your class so that when they log-in as usual to your site, they can access Academiacs. Academiacs will recognize them by name, course, instructor, institution and any sub-groups you choose. They can collaborate within these groups or form their own, and use all other features of Academiacs.

    Increase student success

    Engagement makes the difference

    Distance learners lose motivation to complete a course more readily than students who learn face-to-face and on a physical campus. Engagement makes the difference.

    Academiacs is a teacher’s student engagement platform. As a teacher using Academiacs, you will have more opportunities to interact with your students and help them stay motivated.

    Add social learning

    Embed social learning into your course

    You can use Academiacs to embed social learning into your course by pre-forming groups by course and project or by allowing your students to self-form groups. You can post any file or media into Academiacs to share with your students. In addition, your students can prepare and present their group projects on our LiveWall for the class.

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