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  • Tutors and Mentors

    If you like to share your passion for a subject with a community that appreciates it, join Academiacs.

    Are you a former student who excelled at a subject and wants to earn money tutoring?
    Are you a current or retired teacher who wants a rewarding way to earn extra money?
    Have you developed study guides, interactive tools or great flashcards and want to sell them?

    A content marketplace is coming soon!! 

    Our worldwide community of students request tutoring day and night, seven days a week, so set your tutoring calendar for a schedule that works best for you, and set your own prices. You will have access to features that allow you to schedule, conduct and store work sessions online. Use Academiacs to conduct your transactions and get detailed reports on the sessions that you have conducted. Learn More…


    Scheduling – Our scheduling features allow you complete flexibility with your schedule. You simply select times you are available on a calendar that spans seven days a week and 24 hours a day. Students will request a session from your available open times and it will appear on both of your calendars on your Academiacs dashboard.

    Collaborating – Our online synchronous collaborating tools allow you to interact with your students on our LiveWall or LivePad, with full screen-sharing, audio and video capabilities. Conduct sessions with one student or a group. Your interactions will be saved and recorded and added to your folder at the end.

    Organizing – Keeping files on all your students is easy with our folder system. Organize your study tools, lessons and recorded sessions by student and subject or any way that helps you stay organized and efficient.


    Reputation building – you will have a tutor profile that contains your credentials, pricing schedule, student reviews and official credentials. Students searching for tutors are matched to you by subject area, or they may search for you by name, school or language. Make yourself stand out among other tutors by making your profile unique and having a great reputation. You can also pay for Academiacs to do a background check and verify your credentials. Your profile will have an official seal of verification that will add to your credibility and boost your image.

    Advertising – Show up as a featured tutor on the dashboard of students who match your profile. You can customize your ad and be the first to be seen by your target customers.

    Getting Paid

    Getting paid is easy. You agree to a fee with your student and before a session, the transaction is completed via PayPal. Your earnings accumulate throughout the month and payments are disbursed at the end of the month. You can track your complete history of sessions and fees on your personal administration page.

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