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    A successful e-learner is organized, independent and resourceful. We know you are awesome, but Academiacs makes managing your studies so much easier.

    You no longer have to log-in to your social network to find your friend from school --- then go to your messaging app to see if that person is available for a question --- then schedule a time to meet on your favorite calendaring system. Meanwhile you search your personal files for what you want to share --- load them into your friend’s drop box. Then find a collaboration site you both like and log in to that to interact. On Academiacs – it is all in one place. Whew. Studying just got so much easier!

    Get Social

    Academiacs lets you search for study partners in your class or from anywhere around the world. Enter your study partner requirements and Academiacs will show you who you might want to study with. Invite your friends to join and create the social network that best supports your academic success.


    Create study groups so that you can collaborate in online sessions, share messages and files, keep a conversation going, and help each other succeed. It is through social interactions that real, robust understanding of topics occurs. Social learning is just more effective – and it is more fun.

    Stay Organized

    Staying organized is critical for any college student but it is especially important for distance learners. There are many ways Academiacs helps you stay organized.

    • It helps you organize your study partners by class or subject area.
    • It helps you organize your files and makes it easy to share the right information with the right groups.
    • It keeps your schedule of online sessions for you.
    • It makes it easy to find the right tutors.
    • It keeps your academic contacts in one place.

    Contribute and Get Recognized

    Academiacs allows you to contribute to your community of learners. You may add great resources you have found to the knowledge base and indicate how valuable you think it is. Others can easily find the resource and thank you for posting or add a useful comment. You may use a particularly great tutor and get to share your thoughts on the experience so that others benefit. Or you may want to participate in the marketplace to make money while adding value. Become a tutor or submit your study guides to the store. These are all ways to contribute and get recognized.

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